Lifeshop is all about the love of animals and spreading the sprit of the love. We are passionate about the creatures we share this wonderful world with and we know you are too. That is why we’ve created this fine selection of quality figure to share, delight and inspire! We are telling the story of the Earth’s wildlife through vibrant & diverse pieces of art. So be wild and be amazed !
The team at Lifeshop takes inspiration from the diversity of the animal world and delights in the
wonderment both children and adults can feel when encountering the natural world for the first time; reminding us to protect the planet’s amazing creatures.
This wonderful planet and its creatures should be a heritage we can all admire and enjoy.


Kokedama Terrarium is a perfect balance of two living organisms in one, the plant and the moss.
Tropical kokedamas enjoy low lighting and humidity, and a cooler wetter environment will keep the outer moss around the ball happy and lush.